Lecture on Biocultural Conservation in Alaska by SFN PI Phil Loring

This is an archive of a lecture given by Dr. Loring on Dec 7, 2016, to an undergraduate class on biocultural conservation at the University of North Texas. 

Tied to the Land: 

A series of six short films that showcase how 10 Northwest rural Alaskan villages are seeking effective ways of adapting to rapid changes in climate, weather and development. You will be immersed into the daily lives of active hunters, fishers and gatherers at home and while out in this arctic landscape when seen by air, land and sea.

Effects of Weather and Climate on Subsistence Communities 

Northwest Coast Arctic Alaska has many small villages that are reachable only by plane or boat. This documentary highlights seven villages, ranging in population from just over one hundred in Deering, to the hub of Kotzebue, just over three thousand. 

Through interviews with hunters, fishers and gatherers we learn how weather and climate impact subsistence activities. This work was made possible by funding by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration grant # NA08OAR4600856  Director and Producer:  Sarah Betcher, sbetcher@alaska.edu     Editing Advisor: Leonard Kamerling    

Counting on Caribou: a film by SFN Filmmaker Sarah Betcher

This film showcases the ways in which the Iñupiat people of Northwest Alaska are seeking to maintain their connection to caribou and the influences that threaten this staple subsistence food. Filmed and edited by Sarah Betcher.